Best Price Medical Supplies Guaranteed LLC.

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1. Always pay less for the BEST quality     product in  like category !

2. Never Pay Delivery Fees !

3. Easy or Auto Ordering !

4. Always Delivered Next Day for Free!
My name is Dan Silberman, I have been in the business of medical sales for over a decade.  I have been in consultative and solution based sales for over 25 years.

WIth this business I have two important key strategies.  

  1. Be the best value including best price (Like for Like) in the business.  I guarantee you I will beat the price of any and all competitors Guaranteed !!
  2. I will provide your office the most effiecient way to order and restock your product.  Weather that be as simple as a text or if you would like a Just in time (JIT) re-order system where myself or a trusted valued employee will drop off and restock on a weekly or monthly basis,
  3. I will never charge you a delivery fee thereby saving you money on the front end as well as the back end.


My mission is simple, To save my customers Money and Time !!!!